Shenyang Chemical Work Conference of 2018 convened
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Shenyang Chemical Work Conference of 2018 convened
Source: SYCC Date: 2018-02-22

On Feb. 9 Shenyang Chemical convened 2018 work conference and workers’ congress. Wang Dazhuang ,president of Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. made an important speech. Sun Zesheng, general manager of Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. summed up 2017 work and deployed 2018 work.

Shenyang Chemical Co. an 80-years-history old enterprise, enriching with management experiences and historical accumulations. Based on this tradition, Shenyang Chemical’s staff are of hard-working tradition and struggle spirit. Shenyang Chemical ‘s staff achieve outstanding results in the battle of new factory double 200,000 tons up to production & targets, enterprise production and operation management ‘s stepping to a new level in 2017.

In the year of 2018 in order to achieve stable and continuous enterprise development and further enhance increasing-benefits ability, Shenyang Chemical put key works on below five aspects: 1) optimizing production operation and continuously improving quality & increasing benefits to raise competitive power of enterprise scale ; 2) strengthening scientific research and deepening continuous improvements to enhance core technology competitiveness; 3) exploiting market share and perfecting service system to increase market brand competition ability; 4) Implementing strategic collection and enlarging source introduction to strengthen market purchasing competitiveness; 5) deepening management reforms and optimizing performance test to improve operation management competition.

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