2017 Work Conference of Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. held
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2017 Work Conference of Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. held
Source: SYCC Date: 2017-01-26

On January 22nd Shenyang Chemical 2017 Work Conference was held in the sixth-floor meeting room of new factory zone, concluding 2016 main works completion as well as arranging &planning 2017 various tasks.

Wang Dazhuang, president and party committee secretary of China National BlueStar (Group) Co Ltd, president of Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. attended the meeting and made an important speech. Sun Zesheng, general manager of Shenyang Chemical Co., Ltd. made a work report titled“tapping potential in depth and cutting costs, raising production and increasing profits continuously, pushing through Shenyang Chemical’s overall lift of production and operation management”.

The work report covers such five aspects as achieving production and targets of units, gradually advancing products marketing on volume, solidly carrying out scientific research and information management, deepening management innovation, and strictly controlling financial costs, and summarizes & analyzes 2016 major work completion, pointing out shortcomings and improvement ways. Centering on enterprise development objectives and in the face of internal and external environment changes, it defines five key tasks in 2017: 1) raising production and increasing profits continuously, upgrading safety management 2) actively enlarging markets and expending profits space 3) reinforcing scientific research and deepening continuous improvements 4) innovating management modes and enhancing overall management 5) strictly controlling in financial and increasing benefits with mastery of policies.
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