Brands and Trademarks
Brands and Trademarks
Trademark of Shenyang Chemical Co Ltd
"Star Tower” is a well-known trademark in the country. 
"Star Tower” trademark was put into use in 1954 and registered in 1983. The “star” symbolizes new China and the “tower” means the enterprise is developing like a light tower. Major products of the company are caustic soda, PVC resin, liquid chlorine, silica and hydrochloric acid are under the trademark and the “Star Tower” PVC resin products.
Trademark of Shenyang Paraffin Chemical Co Ltd


The “New Sun” trademark was registered in 2004. The “●” represents the sun, the “” represents Hunhe River, implying that the company is located at the north of Hunhe River. The design consists of the “” and the “●”, like a huge hand raising the sun, which implies the company is a new type of petrochemical enterprise. The products - acyclic acid and ester, polyethylene resin, MTBE, propylene for industrial use, 1-butylene for industrial use and paraffin wax - are under the trademark.

Trademark of Shenyang GBillow Chemical Co Ltd


“GBillow”, registered in 2005, is applied to the following products: polyether polyol and propylene oxide.

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