Shenyang Chemical Co., LTD is a state-owned listed company in chlor-alkali chemicals, deep oil processing and new chemical materials. The company was established in 1938 as the Shenyang Chemical Plant. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1997 and joined ChemChina Co Ltd, a central enterprise, in 2005. Sales revenues exceeded 10 billion yuan ($ 1.58 billion) in 2011. The main products including caustic soda, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin, acrylic acid and ester, polyethylene resin are widely used in the chemical sectors of metallurgy, light industry, textiles, medical care, cars and electronics industry, agriculture, construction and other fields.

The company has adhered to innovative developments in recent years. New technology had been carried out in  major chemical projects that were put into operation, including catalytic pyrolysis olefins, acrylic acid and esters. An industrial chain with chlor-alkali chemicals, petrochemical and new chemical materials as the main body has been formed and the industrial structure optimization and adjustments have been realized. Catalytic pyrolysis olefins technology opened up a new process of using heavy residue oil as the raw material to produce olefins and to win broader space for corporate developments. The company has been listed among the country’s 500 most competitive enterprises for five consecutive years and among Shenyang top ten companies for tax contributions for six consecutive years. It has won many honorary titles, such as the National May Day Labor Award, National Excellent Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relations, National Advanced Enterprise of Quality Management, National Credit Enterprise, National Advanced Unit in Environmental Protection, National Role Model Family, Liaoning Top 100 Companies on Tax Contribution and Liaoning Advanced Unit in Safe Production.

The company, a high-tech enterprise, has made great efforts in competitiveness cultivation by relying on advanced technology and high quality products to win over the market. It holds a national post-doctoral scientific research station and two provincial enterprise technology centers, as well as many independent intellectual properties and patents. The company has developed products such as a special paste resin for chlorine copolymerization and vinegar, which broke the foreign companies monopoly and filled a domestic production gap. 

The company has insisted on a people-oriented approach to implement its talents recruitment strategy. Many highly-qualified engineering and technical staff and business management personnel have been introduced to the company from professional institutions. A scientific training system has been established. Many top-notch employees have become essential support for corporate developments.

The company has persisted with its management innovations as a model with its own characteristics. It has implemented a sales contract and cost assessment mechanism management to strengthen its fiscal budget. The company has introduced the world’s best management practices and taken the lead in implementing ERP, office automation (OA) and  the SHE safety management system.

Embarking on the Twelfth Five-Year program, the company is relying on the combination of chlor-alkali chemicals, petrochemicals and new chemical materials, along with technological innovations to promote products of high-class, serialization. It is building a large international modern petrochemical enterprise with advanced equipment, leading technology and a reasonable layout.

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