Shenyang Chemical started to reposition itself for future developments after joining China National Chemical Corporation in 2005. The company believes that innovations can bring about expansion of the new chemical materials industry. Relying on limited crude oil resources, it maximized olefin production, which is required by downstream instruments and managed to shift its product structure from oil refining to petrochemicals. Under guidance of the strategic objective, Shenyang Chemical is promoting technological innovations and strengthened product research and developments. It has also achieved an important transition for the company by developing new technologies and large-scale technological innovations for upgrading. It focuses on new brands and technology developments and industrialization for its leading products-paste resin. It has achieved much advancement with technology upgrades and maintained its market position.

The company realized olefin production industrialization through the intellectual property heavy oil catalytic pyrolysis (CPP) technology with the cooperation from Sinopec Corp. The Research Institute of Petroleum Processing and established the world’s first 500,000t/y olefin plant by the CPP method. It contributed to corporate transformation from the oil refining type to chemical type. Through constructing support devices of acrylic acid and esters, polyethylene, MTBE, propylene oxide and polyether, its downstream chlorine, ethylene and propylene product chains and a new industrial pattern was formed by combining petrochemical and chlor-alkali chemical that focus on new chemical materials. It has made significant progress in overall technical levels and completed a major shift of its product structure.

After continuous innovations in the past few years, Shenyang Chemical has registered many independent intellectual property rights for new PVC paste resin production processing. The vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymer paste resin technology marked the first in the nation and many new brands, such as disposable glove paste resin (PH-30) and medical grade disposable glove paste resin (PH-30G), to meet market demand that enables paste resin products to take a leading role in the domestic market.

Shenyang Chemical has hired approximately 600 scientific employees for R&D and runs a national post-doctoral research station and provincial enterprise technology center. In the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, it completed 28 key scientific research projects, received approval for 41 patent applications, authorizations for 26 projects, national and provincial awards for eight projects and municipal awards for 14 projects. Its 23 achievements were rewarded the municipal technology achievement award. The company has forged numerous national and provincial excellent brands. Its PVC paste resin was awarded the China Top Brand, its “Star Tower” trademark has won the China Famous Brand and its acrylic acid and esters and the chlor-alkali series was named a Famous Brand in Liaoning Province. It was identified as a national high-tech enterprise in 2008 and passed the qualification review in 2012.

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